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They say that first impression is the most important. When it comes to public relations agency, this saying gets a special meaning. Self-introduction is, however, the hardest. Of course, we may avoid doing it, but then, most probably, someone else will do it for us. So, a couple of words about out agency.

We’ve been growing and gaining experience since 1999. We undergo many evolutions and revolutions: technical, residential and personal. Through all that time we’ve been searching new challenges, learning new things and growing with our Clients, while at the same time - by choice and by definition – remaining in the shadows.

We are open to new challenges, we are constantly seeking new goals. We know our strengths, but also our limits. For our Clients we want to be competent and objective advisers. We approach every new task with engagement and we treat each Client individually.

Our most priced values are:

Effectiveness: we don’t offer our Clients fantasies, but real activities, which bring real, long-term profits.

Engagement: We don’t accept half-hearted work. Each Client and each project can count on our full attention and focus on carrying out tasks, which we were given.

Passion: PR person without passion for media and marketing is like artist without tools. That’s why our team consists of people, who have not only vast experience, but true passion and engagement.

Trust: Trust, given by our partners, is of great value to us. That’s why we’re especially glad about long-term cooperation with many of our Clients.

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Ponieważ jakiś czas temu zdaliśmy sobie sprawę, że istniejemy już 18 lat, postanowiliśmy naszą pełnoletniość uwiecznić filmem promującym. Nie za długim, takim w sam raz, żeby nie spocząć na laurach i być w gotowości do podjęcia się kolejnych wyzwań.

Nie wszystko co robimy, jest zawsze poważne, choć swoją pracę oczywiście traktujemy serio. Ale od czasu do czasu zdarza nam się spojrzeć na siebie z przymrużeniem oka, o czym - mamy nadzieję - świadczy film zmieszczony obok, a także zdjęcia z jego realizacji, czyli making off.


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Good relations with the media are the basis of every PR-person’s job. That’s why we work to maintain and develop them. We try to make sure that journalists are quickly and thoroughly informed about new products and services of our Clients. We know journalists and, what is most important, they know us. Because of that we are effective, and effects of our work are visible.




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